If you had to

If you had to, could you guest host for David Letterman?

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11 Responses to If you had to

  1. TMC says:

    I might initially say yes, but only so I could get into the World Wide Pants offices so I could abuse my brief authority and get to meet Craig Ferguson. But I couldn’t really host. I’d ask Alan Kalter to do it last minute. He’s so funny when he acts mad.

    TMCs last blog post..Sing it like you mean it Thursday


  2. Bev says:

    Only if they got rid of all the jokes!

    Bevs last blog post..Twooshing the Day


  3. Brenda says:


    Brendas last blog post..My Road trip!


  4. sure, i’m great in front of a live audience.


  5. Shannon H. says:

    Yes! and I would love the opportunity to do so.

    Shannon H.s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #10: Playlist Music


  6. JM says:

    I don’t know…who are the guests? I’d love to try out my jokes in front of a live audience though so I’d probably say “yes.”

    JMs last blog post.."Duh" thought for the weekend


  7. Gina's Public Diary says:

    I doubt it.

    Gina’s Public Diarys last blog post..Friday Date Recap


  8. Bev says:

    Haven’t changed much from last August …. so…no.

    Bevs last blog post..Cousins Day – February


  9. yup. now to whether i’d do it well or not … that is another question 8)

    blankshootings last blog post..Review of Minutes to Midnight: Linkin Park


  10. Tessa says:

    I think if the guests were people I was interested in I could probably do it

    Tessas last blog post..Chiropractor…


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