1. I dread to think what my answers reveal about me, but here goes:-

    oilets that are only holes in the ground – Strange I know and completely untrue but, I’ve heard my husband’s tales of his trip around Europe at the age of 16, way back in the mid 1960s, so many times that it’s sort of stuck in my mind. His memory of France is of them not having proper toilets.

    Touloues Lautrec – I love his paintings, particularly his use of colour.

    All French people speak English they just choose not to – I’m absolutely convinced that this is untrue. When I was at school we were all taught French, but perhaps fewer than 10% of us were competent enough to speak and understand even a very minor a conversation. Many years on, I doubt that even that number could, so, why do we assume that all French people speak and understand English?


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