My dog ate a tampon

My Shih-Tzu is 11 years old and still acts like a puppy. He loves to eat anything and almost everything (onions are not his fav).
Remarkably, he once aet a tampon and passed it in its entirety.

What is the strangest thing your pet has eaten? If you have no pets, what is the strangest thing you have eaten?


  1. never had that problem. I have a cat. It is not what goes into him, it’s what comes out of him.
    Be right back. I have to freshen up the litter box.


  2. My poor dog Riley used to eat everything. As an 8-week old puppy, he’d jump up and swipe the dishrags off the sink to eat them. As he got older, he progressed to underwear, stuffed animals, random toys, and athletic socks. He’d always pass them right through. The vet told us as long as they were whole, let it ride. So I’m not sure what the strangest thing was, because he would pass everything. Poor Riley. He was such a troubled soul.

    (FYI- Onions are toxic to dogs, so it’s good he doesn’t like them!)


  3. My dog Phoebe used to eat our underwear and the crotches of our pants. You learned very quickly not to leave certain items in her reach. There’s nothing like putting on a pair of jeans to find that the entire crotch area was missing.

    My cat Jasper used to eat my ponytail holders. He has ponytail holder radar, the second you set it down he’s got it. Once it was able to pass through and he was only sick for the weekend, but another time it became obstructed in his stomach and had to have surgery to remove one fuzzy, purple, ponytail holder. THAT was VERY costly. I thought my husband was going to flip out.

    The new puppy has eaten the arms off of my patio chairs. Just this morning she ate a tube of lip balm.


  4. When the kids were little, our dogs were forever eating their crayons, which may not be all that odd, but it gave them the most interesting looking poop.

    Our current dog ate a chair.


  5. I’m shocked to realize that none of my dogs have eaten anything particularly interesting. All of our pets have of course had that magnetic attraction to feminine hygiene products and underwear, but none (to my knowledge) were ever consumed.

    One thing that sticks in my head is what Heidi didn’t eat. We had some food from Boston Market sitting on the counter. None of the dogs have really been counter surfers except this once. I went in the kitchen to get more food and found Heidi with her head stuck in the mashed potatoes, totally ignoring the chicken and meatloaf. That just isn’t normal for a dog!


  6. One of our dogs, a long time ago, ate one of our lovebirds that got loose.
    And I mean ATE every bit except the beak. (We were not home at the time of the unfortunate occurrence and found only the remains and avery guilty looking small dog). Ugh.


  7. Reading Kathi’s reply reminded me of last night when Josie, the 40# puppy on steriods, put her front paws on the table to help herself to a mouthful of baby carrots. She actually ate them too. She also likes bananas and apples. My other dog has ZERO interest in any of those foods.


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