Pasta dish

I had the most fabulous pasta dish at a restaurant a few weeks ago, it was penne pasta in a white cream sauce with diced tomatos. Yum!

What is your favorite pasta dish?


  1. Currently, I like Stouffer’s vegetable lasagna. It comes in individual servings, and you can serve it to vegetarians, and it tastes good.

    But I used to make pasta dishes for the whole family that were wonderful, most especially my nontraditional meat sauce.


  2. At home, my lasagna.

    At a restaurant, crawfish pasta at our local Blue Orleans Seafood Restaurant (opened 5 years ago by Katrina refugees who came to Chattanooga, stayed, and made our lives more delicious!)


  3. I had the best lasagna EVER in Porto Fino (Italy) two years ago. It was a pesto lasagna and that’s all it was–pesto and cheese, but on flat lasagna noodles (not the kind we use here) which were so light. I was able to recreate it when we came home, fortunately.


  4. Lasagna! Had a great Marie Callenders (frozen) last night. Would make my own but it’s too time consuming and I’d want to freeze a bunch and don’t have the freezer room.


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