10 of your favorite things

My daughter gave me a quiz last night to see how well I knew her, and the last question was to list 10 of HER favorite things.

10 of my favorite things are:

  1. My pets (including Josie because I’m a sucker).
  2. Strong coffee, freshly brewed.
  3. Orange blossom honey (OMG! So delicious!).
  4. White popcorn with real butter and lots of salt on it.
  5. Clean sheets. (Specifically put on my bed by someone else)
  6. My slippers.
  7. Yoga pants.
  8. My family.
  9. My iPad (specifically the ABC Player and the Netflix apps).
  10. Pizza, chocolate chip ice cream, Cabernet Sauvignon and parmesan cheese. (not all at once though)

What are 10 of YOUR favorite things?



  1. hmm let me see…
    1. my God
    2. my daughter
    3. my husband
    4. my Bible and books
    5. my baking tools (they’re all black except for the mixing bowls)
    6. my laptop
    7. my dvd collections
    8. my (our) bed
    9. my blogs
    10. my daughter’s rompers (they’re so cute!!)


  2. Only 10 things?

    1. Wilson, our cat, who makes us laugh from morning till night.
    2. Our books, which Wilson will knock off the bedstand to wake us in the morning.
    3. Strong coffee, which Wilson doesn’t care for, (8 o’clock & seattles Best blend)
    4. google (certainly anything but Dogpile. Wilson doesn’t like dog piles.)
    5. Our GPS’s for Geocaching. (No, Wilson doesn’t geocache)
    6.Our home. Wilson loves it too.
    7. Our car. Wilson likes to go for rides.
    8.Our computers (Wilson pix is on the desk top, of course)
    9.Our balcony. Wilson likes to look down at the bird activities
    10.Our DVR. Wilson likes to watch the Animal Planet.

    Hmmm!….umm….something seems askew with the list……????…oh well, these are the things we like.


  3. As Jon says, “only 10?”

    1. My family (especially Granddaughter Brianna)
    2. My friend Peggy in Australia
    3. My computer
    4. Peets French Roast Coffee
    5. audio books
    6. regular books
    7. soft, fluffy socks
    8. my camera
    9. PhotoShop


  4. 1. My family
    2. My Nikon and its lenses
    3. Massages
    4. Honey
    5. My hammock chair
    6. Sprungli macarons
    7. My herb garden
    8. Prednisone
    9. A well made cappuccino
    10. Steamed artichokes or beets for dinner


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