High school senior project: Girl fakes pregnancy

Did anyone see this?

Gaby Rodriguez faked her pregnancy as part of a high school project.

After surviving six months of high school with a steadily growing baby bump, Gaby Rodriguez finally delivered the big news: She was never really pregnant.

The straight-A student instead faked the whole thing as part of her senior project on “Stereotypes, Rumors and Statistics.”

Rodriguez revealed the bizarre tale – and removed her wire mesh and cotton quilt bulge – at a school assembly this week, three months before her July 27 “due date.”

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What are your thoughts and opinions? Would you have ever done this, or would you ever let your daughter do it?


  1. This is a little extreme. I am sure it got everyone’s attention.
    I applaud her creativity. She deserved an “A”. Sometimes you have to hit teens on the head with the proverbial “hammer” to get their attention. They do not think in terms of long term consequences usually only short term gratification.


  2. It’s hard to get my mind around it; when I was in high school (middle ages), you would be kicked out for being pregnant. But I agree that it’s hard to get high school kids — and their parents and teachers — to look at consequences.


  3. I would most definitely not have done this. There were enough girls around me who were actually pregnant, that it unfortunately wouldn’t have made much of an impact. As for letting my non-existent daughter do it, it would depend on a lot of things. It seems a bit extreme, though.


  4. same here (with l’empress). our school authorities are very strict when it comes to that matter, although i had some batch mates then who were pregnant but that was a month before graduation. i admire her courage but that was actually extreme and exaggerated. why can’t just they think of the consequences first before doing so?


  5. It was certainly not an issue when I was in school – or even with our daughters. But I can certainly imagine either one of our granddaughters doing it. Obviously they never thought of it. They each wrote letters to the editor of their local papers about Gay Rights, which, of course, were never published.

    I agree, sometimes you just have to hit people over the head to get their attention. IMO, she should get an “A”.


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