Bin Laden, buried at sea

Do you think it was proper that Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea?

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0 Responses to Bin Laden, buried at sea

  1. maryz says:

    I think it was an inspired idea, so that his burial site could not become a shrine.


  2. Jennifer says:

    More proper than he deserved, for sure, but brilliant.


  3. Jon says:

    I had a few ideas, but that seemed like a good way to handle it.
    I guess I can forget about the stump shredder idea now.


  4. l'empress says:

    I believe there is something in Islamic tradition about burying the body — as soon as possible — in an unmarked grave. It seems as if this was entirely appropriate, though perhaps unthought of in a desert environment.


  5. ham1299 says:

    I think it’s a good idea. As maryz said, it can’t become a shrine. And also, it can’t be dug up. He’s gone. No one will be able to disturb his “grave” this way.


  6. Lindy says:

    If we were on Facebook, I’d be clicking *like* on all your comments, especially Jon’s. There’s nothing I can add.


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