1. I love to sing, and have been told I can do it pretty well. So, I might want to be lead singer. But, I’m so scared to be in front of a crowd, I might do better as drummer …


  2. Oh, I play fake guitar. I have a set of fake guitars in my virtual cabinet. I like my Fender base guitar. I go to my wife’s vanity and put on some mascara and fine some ripped levi’s and a Hawaiin shirt. I turn on my CD player and pretend I am Kenny G……Oops, wrong CD. I put in Eric Clapton and I have my virtual band behind me (The Midnight Squirrels) and I play away.

    My answer is…Ummm..No saxaphone?….
    Virtual guitar then.


  3. I like guitar, but don’t know quite what to do with it, having been a violinist way back when. Haven’t got the reflexes for drums. I think I can still sing, not well but “good enough for jazz.”


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