1. Unfortunately, no, but I worked for reporters who attended early rocked trials. (Our company produced some of the chemicals used for the early launches; I have no idea whether any of those same products are still used.) Even Walter Cronkite was amazed at the power of the explosion that day.


  2. Yes. I’ve seen 2 launches. It helped that I lived close enough that it was easy to go see….especially since so many are scrubbed and you have to come back. It is a really neat experience. I’ve also stayed home and have seen the space shuttle because in FL you can usually see it overhead before it gets too far up.


  3. I’ve never been lucky enough to see a launch. We’ve seen the space station go over several times – once even as the shuttle was approaching, so we saw both vehicles. Fabulous! to see those bright lights soaring overhead and know that people were actually there.


  4. We visited/toured Kennedy Space Center back in the 1980s, but have never seen a launch in person. Nevertheless, it was still extremely impressive. I’m excited for your hubby and brother-in-law! :-D


  5. No, but many of my (former) co-workers have seen it.
    I worked for an Aerospace company, We made systems for the shuttle.

    We had interesting people visit our facility. We have had two astronauts visit.
    We also had Michael Durant visit. He is the Blackhawk pilot who was shot down and taken prisoner. Do you remember “Blackhawk Down.?”
    He was down and captured.

    We also made numerous systems for the blackhawk helicopter.


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