Would you ever …

Would you ever shut off all of your electronic iGadgets (cellphones, computers, cable tv, mp3 players, iPods, video games, etc…) for an entire week?


  1. Oh sure, and often do when I’m on vacation. I think the computer would be the toughest, because I need to download the photos I take to clear my camera’s memoroy card. But I could get multiple cards and keep trucking.


  2. A week I could do. No problem. Just give me a few books, mental floss magazine and maybe somebody to play some mental gymnastics, some paper and a pencil and I would practice cursive, write poems to cellphone users, perhap write some other stuff, learn how to juggle. actually start listening to what people are saying instead of formulating my answer as they speak. Say “Hello” and “Thank you” to people. maybe even do some sleeping somewhere in there, if I have time.

    I have to do this all in a week?????…


  3. If on vacation, sure (though it would be difficult to give up the computer, which I take with me on vacation). If at home, I’d probably go int withdrawal.


  4. I can’t think of a situation where it might happen but if it did I’d be happy to chill out for a week …. as long as I could still use the electric kettle to make coffee and a light so I could read my books. :)


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