1. I suppose, if I didn’t have cable, I would consider Netflix. But it’s not usually movies I watch anyway. I choose the low cable rate, which doesn’t even include Turner Classics.


  2. actually we will be getting a cut in price. Since I never use the streaming option and take so long to watch the movies I do get I will be reducing to 2 movies at a time, and no streaming and it cuts my monthly fee. I’m happy.


  3. Yes I do care but I won’t be leaving them; I’ll just switch back to DVD only since there are more choices available than on instant streaming. There’s always free Hulu viewing on the computer if I want something in the interim.


  4. Like Bev, we’ll be getting a price cut. We only use DVDs, and we’ll stay with Netflix. We love everything about our fiberoptic service, except for their pitiful On Demand choices.


  5. I care, but I won’t be leaving them. I can understand why they want to make their business more “ala cart” though, they will be making more money this way. I’d get rid of the DVD service (the streaming gets used daily), but there are things that I want to watch and are DVD only.


  6. -I do care because I did enjoy being able to get DVDs and streaming for the same low price. But now I gotta choose between one of the other. I am sticking with them and only doing the streaming even if it means not being able to see all I want to cause it’s not available on streaming.


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