1. Probably not, and it will be for all the wrong reasons.

    No president realizes how hard it will be until he gets into the White House; I don’t think even the smartest man in the world would have known what a mess we have here.


  2. I don’t think the problem is with Obama.
    When is congress going to wake up and start thinking about the people of this country instead of thinking about what they have to do and say to get reelected.

    another question…What would have happen if Congressman Barack Obama had jumped up and said, “YOU LIE!!!” when George Bush said that Iraq had weapons of mass distruction?

    Obama would be tarred, feather and probably crucified.
    What happen to Joe Wilson? He bragged about it and got reelected.
    What is wrong with this picture?


  3. I actually agree with all three of the previous answers. Obama has been a bit of a disappointment, but I also think, as l’empress says, nobody understand the extent of the mess and the obstacles until they actually get into office (don’t get me started!). That said, the candidates we are seeing trying to defeat him are so scary they make me long for having Bush back, if Obama is to be a one-term president. The idea of Bachman with her finger on the nuclear launch button is terrifying.


    1. wow! It is kind of scary, Huh?
      I am or was a Republican. They are very scary. They left common sense at the door.
      The people the republicans want as president are really …awful.
      We need someone to inspire and lead this nation.
      That doorbell is ringing but nobody is answering. I don’t care if they are republican or democrat.


  4. yes he will get elected again i believe he is a person of trust and honesty for i believe he will change our econommy for the better now i believe south america affects north america which i know effects the whole world. i have a request please save us from global warming. change our technowleges to better our world get rid of fuel and greed and change to solar and green ways we need our world now just as much as it needs us to become future technowleges please save our children our habitat and species and come up with solutions fast before this one and only world vanishes faster than any one expects please save us it starts with you i have faith we need to change we could change there are alot of people we need the people with money to change resources in order for us individuals to make a differents.please read this:people who think climate change is not real are in deniel. climate change can be reverced if bigger country’s change technowleges. first they must changtransportation into solar vehicles as soon as possible it is costly to our wallets but not our lives. second we need to change the whey we live in our homes again solar panels yes is costly but will create jobs exchanging our life style but all of whom is well off and as well as presidents and goverment could make up the solutions and differences.we need to get rid of crude oils and once they start touching the artic beware for all will be doomed for that is our ice box and there will be no regulating tempetures.crude oil will kill the planet faster than anyone has inticipated we are the future let us change to see our future. our garbage needs to be compressed and safely disposed of in somewhere scientists can find another place other than this planet for human etc. waste we need to stop poaching in international waters and preserve whatever species we have left we are the most intellegent species on this earth everything depends on us as populations rise biulding and technowleges progress we need to make changes to survivethis planet has been here for billions of years i hope it doesnt take a century of oil greed and money to to kill us and the future of our babies our habitat and our existant world of the most beautiful wonders life has ever createdwe need to change now before we lose everthing we have ever known we can change i believe in Barack
    Obama will be set in history as one of the ones who saved us and started this change please and thankyou i am only one of many who are effected scared and willing to change sincerly Melinda Van Beek of the great white north america may god bless us all


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