1. Two years ago, I would have said yes. I used to stay in a hotel when I visited my son and his family; I might show or sightsee while they were working. ($18+lunch to go to the Science Museum)

    I had more money then, and they have a house with a guest room now. I splurge by traveling business class on the train.


  2. We don’t stick to a strict budget but we don’t go nuts, either. We budget all year, putting away money for our vacations. Then it’s there when we are ready and we plan according to what we have.


  3. First, I’d have to have a budget in order to overspend. While I don’t buy extravagant things while on vacation, I’m definitely not a penny pincher. Some things cost what they cost, the dollar has been pretty weak for a few years, and I’m not about to spend my vacation worrying about it. If I want it and know I won’t be back again and will regret it if I don’t have it, I buy it.


  4. We travel a lot, but we don’t usually buy stuff – either for ourselves or gifts. We have to find something really special before we buy anything. But we do love to travel, and although we don’t go “top class”, we don’t pinch pennies, either.


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