1. I have always liked Superman. He is a man’s man. He doesn’t have any teenage boys living at his house or a fancy car.

    The fact that many superheroes wear their underwear on the outside and have a cape is both worrisome and perplexing,


  2. Since my son was Superman for many years, I will have to go with Superman. My favorite thing I ever said to him was “Pick your muscle up and put them away for I’ll throw them out” (he used to stuff his leotard with crumbled paper…he also wore a suit and tie to school and the teacher thought he was well dressed and didn’t realize he had his superman costume on underneath!)


    1. Wow! I love that one, Bev.
      Incidently I stuffed my shorts with a telephone book.
      Thank god, I lived in a small town.
      run into the phone booth, tear off my clothing, stuff a phone book into my underwear…..somehow I still did not look……super.


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