1. Check it.

    If I’m flying it’s usually a long distance journey for many days so I need more than I can carry on.

    I did have a one day journey once and only did carry on. It was wonderful not having to wait to collect my luggage but it was the exception to the rule.

    I’ll be travelling in February to go on a fund raising bike ride. It’s a little hard to convince the cabin crew that I should wheel my bicycle onto the plane. :)


  2. Ninety-nine percent of the time I make do with whatever I can get into a carry-on bag. If the travel is going to involve cold weather, I usually then need to resort to check-in baggage. Yes, I’ve had baggage lost before but it’s been many years ago and was returned to me within a relatively short period of time.


  3. My general rule is to have no more luggage than I can manage by myself (two hands means two pieces). If I’m going somewhere for a longer time, I would UPS a package or two to the place I’m staying.

    Many years ago, during an airlines strike, they found me a seat at the very last minute. No time to get my suitcase onto that plane. The airline brought it to me the next day.

    I did lose a suitcase at the small local airport once; I told them maroon, and they wrote down red. So they never saw it until I came back and said, “there it is!”


  4. We always check our luggage (usually on Southwest, so no fees). John carries on the camera bag, and I carry a couple of books, some knitting, our medications, and my purse. We’ve never had a lost bag outbound, and only one delay on a return.

    Have you ever been to the Lost Luggage Store in Scottsboro, AL? Fascinating to see what people leave on airplanes.


  5. I try to carry on my luggage. I put on layers of clothing so I won’t have to pay a fee for my baggage, The last trip I weighed 189 pounds. I usually weigh about 140.
    layers. I ask for a lot of ice water on the trip.
    The last trip I didn’t have enough time to undo myself. I wet myself twice.
    I am not allowed to fly Delta anymore.


  6. I always check it now. The liquid thing Is a real pain, and I don’t feel like doing the Ziploc bag thing with TSA only to fight with other passengers for the overhead bin. Amazingly, with all the flights I’ve been on, my luggage has been delayed, but never lost. (knocking more wood here!)


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