Run, Fat Boy, Run

I loved Rudy, Jerry Maguire, and Run, Fat Boy, Run. I must admit that I’ve NEVER seen Hoosiers, but I hear it’s a good movie. Rocky is all time classic. Major League was filmed in Milwaukee and my best friend (at the time) was actually in the opening scene with Tom Berenger.

What are some of your favorite sports movies?


  1. Oh, you MUST see Hoosiers. It’s one of my favorite movies. Also, of course, Brian’s Song (the original–I think there is a remake. Blech. Stick with the original one) and don’t miss Burt Reynolds’ The Longest Yard (again, avoid the remake!). And then there is A field of Dreams and A League of Their Own. And for non-tea sports, Seabiscuit.


  2. Without a doubt, “A League of Their Own.” Yes, and “Field of Dreams.” I had forgotten about “Brian’s Song” (thanks, Bev). Even my husband was willing to sit through that one.


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