I’m reading a book called The Weird Sisters, I just started it so I don’t have an opinion on it yet.

I was at Barnes & Noble over the weekend and was really shocked by how limited the book selection is. I suppose that’s what happens when you can read ebooks so easily.


What are you reading? And have you been to a bookstore lately?


  1. As the bookstores get farther and farther away — and I can’t get there — the only book sales I’ve looked at are in Costco and Sam’s. Most of them I would not care to read — or I’ve read them. Public library is my first choice, then internet.

    Currently reading I Had a Hammer, by and about Henry Aaron.


  2. Currently reading “Cutting for Stone,” which it may have been you (or Kwizgiver?) recommended.

    I am in a book store weekly, since I volunteer in a used book store.


  3. I volunteer in our library’s book store twice a month, and help at the semiannual book sale. I try not to buy any books (except for my Kindle). I’m finishing up “1493”, then will start on Grisham’s latest, The Litigators”.


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