1. If John’s home, the Super Bowl will be on. I don’t pay much attention to football.

    Bowling? I’ve probably bowled no more than 4-5 times ever, and the last was, I’m sure, more than 50 year ago.


  2. Football doesn’t grab me, although I used to watch it when my husband was home. I actually learned enough to help him understand what was going on in his favorite sport. I also learned enough to know I don’t care for the sport.

    We went bowling omce with some other young couples shortly after we were married. I would have gone again, but he wouldn’t. I think I bowled something below eighty, because I remember that it was duckpins, harder to knock down.


  3. I will be watching the Superbowl with some friends. Since I don’t know if there could be 2 teams I care less about, I’ll most likely be chatting with friends and eating food, broken up with the occasional funny commercial.

    Bowling – I’m usually happy if I hit 100. Although, the last time I bowled, I got a 144 and have the picture to prove it.


  4. Not huge football fans in our house. However, since the Super Bowl is happening right here in our own state, we may watch it for that reason alone. If we do watch, I will be rooting for the Giants as my sibling is one very obnoxious Patriots fan who also takes great joy in badmouthing Peyton Manning. What sibling rivalry?! LOL!

    As for bowling. I don’t think I’ve bowled since I was in high school. I’m queen of gutter balls, if that tells you anything.


  5. If the 49ers were playing, we would be watching, but the game will probably be on, but I won’t be paying much attention.

    As for real bowling, I probably haven’t bowled since I was in college.


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