Lucky charms

I went to yoga this morning, picked up around my house and I have a massage in a few minutes.

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? (as you can see, I’m not ….)

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0 Responses to Lucky charms

  1. l'empress says:

    I don’t, y’know. The Knights of St. Patrick and I have a very basic difference of opinion.

    On the other hand, I have had several messages today that acknowledge that fact and wish me happy Saturday. But I do have to try to call my friend Gloria.


  2. maryz says:

    No holiday here (we’re all worn out from three birthdays in a row). Went to a string quintet at the library (mostly for kids, but great). The rest of the day is for women’s basketball!


  3. Lindy says:

    We did not celebrate St. Pat’s Day. It was just a typical Saturday for us.


  4. Jennifer says:

    By watching Marquette win, picking up a fish tank base, and hanging out.


  5. Bev says:

    We went to my mother’s for a family dinner, with our daughter, who had flown out from Boston for a long weekend visiting her grandmother.


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