1. You got it, Mary! I seem to remember some “expert” complaining that “You Light Up My Life” was a bad choice over some BeeGee song. So I was still listening to music, but some stuff didn’t stay with me.


  2. I can’t get Jive Talkin’ out of my head, but I really don’t like it. I don’t like any of the Bee Gees stuff. That whole genre doesn’t touch me much.


  3. I enjoy the Bee Gees’ music. Difficult to choose a favorite.
    I have their Greatest Hits double CD, & also their Still Waters CD. Love most of their music. My Lover’s Prayer is a beautiful song! I’ve already prayed for the Gibb family. So sad that Andy, Maurice, & now Robin are all gone.


  4. I never bought any of their albums, but I liked their music whenever a new song would be released. A few of the ones I liked: “To Love Somebody,” “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You,” and “Lonely Days Lonely Nights.” For me, it was just hearing a new type of music as I was growing up and it was something different from the Beatles.


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