What’s your favorite or most often used exclamation of surprise? (i.e. “oh my god/gosh!” or “holy smokes!” or “what the?!”) Do you know anyone who uses funny or unusual ones? What are they?

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  1. Somehow, it has become “Holy balls”. I also overuse “Geez”. I really need to stop that.

    As for funny ones, my dad is full of them.


  2. I love “Holy Balls” … I might have to steal that around here. LOL I don’t know … I don’t have little kids so my language is probably more PG/PG13 … if something’s bad I’m likely to say something like, “Sweet baby Jesus … ” or if it’s worse, “You have to be f*’n kidding me …” … if something’s good it’s more like, “Awesome sauce …” … I’m terribly boring …


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