Jewelry favorites

What is your favorite kind of jewelry? Do you have preferences for white or yellow gold, sterling silver, etc…?

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  1. I’m the earring queen in my family – other than that, only my wedding band. With my white(used to be dark) hair and coloring, it’s always white gold or sterling.


  2. If no other consideration — pearls in yellow gold, and yes, I do have two rings like that. But my diamond is set in platinum, and I love that too. My wedding ring was both white and yellow gold, though it’s more yellow now.

    Love earrings, but the holes closed up a couple of years ago.


  3. The only jewelry I wear is an opal necklace that a friend gave me in 2000. I love it. I often wear earrings, either the opals that match the necklace or a pair of jade earrings I bought in China. I’m not a big jewelry person.


  4. I prefer silver or platinum, am anti-blood diamond, and lately like my stuff to be big. I really like hoop earrings if I had to pick just one thing. My hands are too puffy for many rings, so I don’t bother typically.


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