Receiving gifts

Do you prefer to receive gifts that are useful that you use all of the time, or something whimsical that you’d never in a million years splurge on?

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4 Responses to Receiving gifts

  1. maryz says:

    I rather have something that I’ll use all the time – but something that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself.


  2. l'empress says:

    Mary has the answer. It is wonderful to receive what I wouldn’t buy for myself, but I’d want to enjoy it rather than stow it away in a drawer.


  3. Bev Sykes says:

    Yeah, I’d go for the practical gift too, preferably something tech-related (but I know I”ll never get that ipad. :)


  4. Jennifer says:

    I’ll buy the practical gifts for myself, so it’s those things I wouldn’t splurge on that are the best.


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