I left my wallet at home

kitty and puppy close-upPhoto credit: lanacyu

Last night I went to the Humane Society to help my brother who was adopting a dog. I’m very weak at the Humane Society, so in order to insure that I did not come home with an extra pet or two or five, I left my wallet at home.

Do you need to go through extremes to not come home with more pets?


  1. When my daughter’s “Cat” was put to sleep in January, after all those years, I was relieved. She promised me there would be no more cats.

    She found a kitten in the driveway. It would live in the basement. The basement is not yet ready for a kitten — cold, not yet “child-proofed” — and the kitten lives in their bedroom and gets out regularly.

    I will NEVER accept another pet.


  2. I go to extremes to stay away from the pound. As much as hubby and I both love dogs, there are too many obstacles in our life at present to bring a pet into our home. It would not be fair to the pet.

    I have a friend in Arizona who delights in visiting the pound once a month. She knows I don’t want to stop there but occasionally she will purposely stop there when I am with her in the car, just to torture me. It’s one of the things that really annoys me about her personality. It’s mean. She knows a pet is not an option for us and then it makes me feel guilty when I see all those sweet, pleading faces in the kennels and I can’t adopt any.


  3. Since we lost Wilson, we enjoy going to the pet stores and look at the cats. We don’t plan on replacing him. He is not replaceable.
    It will be a while before we get another. We just honoring his memory right now. He was a great little guy.


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