Cough drops

Since I’ve been sick for what seems like the entire month of December, less a few days around wine club and graduation (thankfully!), I’ve stocked up on cough drops. I prefer Ludens and Hall’s, both in cherry.

What is your cough drop of choice?


  1. Actually, I prefer Werther’s (hard) caramels or just about any flavored hard candy. I do not care for Hall’s as they have menthol, which – for me – seems to promote sinus drainage and make my sore throat and cough worse.

    I hope you get feeling better very soon!


  2. I do not use cough drops. My wife is addicted to Ricola. She will use Werther’s also.

    I enjoy coughing. I’m a guy. Don’t need them.
    Excuse me, I have to go look for my stool softener.


  3. I carry sugar-free generic brand menthol cough drops everywhere for the dry, shallow, allergic cough I get frequently.

    Hope you get better soon, Indigo.


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