Mailing snafus

Yesterday we received an envelope in the mail without a card. In 2005 we received an invite to a Halloween party that was addressed to Amber & Beedo, the next day we were uninvited. And then there was this time when I was putting together my wedding RSVP cards and I noticed that my address on the postcard was wrong and I had to have them all reprinted. OOPS.

Have you ever had a mailing snafu?


  1. I sent a fairly large check to our grandson when he graduated from college. He had moved. The new tenant was out of town, opened it by mistake when she got home. Fortunately, the honest young woman called us, and we finally got it all fixed. Nothing else that I remember .


    1. That reminds me of the time when I was a teen and worked at a pharmacy in a strip mall. Every payday I would walk to the bank at the of the mall, drop my paycheck in the night deposit, then drop my bills in the mailbox which was about 5′ away. Well, one time I decided to switch up the order which resulted in me dropping my paycheck in the mailbox …. and my bills in the night deposit. My mom had to call the post office and have then meet the postman at the mailbox to retrieve my paycheck.

      Oh, and then there was also the time my mom went on vacation and handed me to a pile of bills to mail …. but failed to mention that she didn’t put postage on them. And I forgot to look. Whoops.


  2. There have been plenty over the years, usually due to carelessnes (ours and the P.O.) or laziness (definitely the P.O.)

    One that comes to mind occurred the summer that my best friend was an exchange student in Spain. She lost my address, knew the street but not the number, so she addressed a letter to me with just the street. The post office marked it undeliverable and sent it all the way back to Spain. (They could have looked in the phone book; we were the only family in town with that name!)

    Don’t know how many things were mis-read when we were in high school and crossed our 7’s, the European way.


  3. My hubby is notoriously lazy when it comes to addressing mail. He will put the recipient’s name and/or business name on the envelope and city/state. If he doesn’t know the street number or zip code, he won’t look it up on the Internet or post office website but mails it anyway. Then he’s ticked when it gets returned to him with the postage stamp canceled. His comment? “Well, the post office used to deliver mail that way.” To give him a break, I would have to side with l’empress above. The P.O. could have looked it up, too. It was a small town AND a well-known business in that town.


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