1. More time than I care to. I don’t like wrapping gifts but all the same, I do make them look neat. If we’re traveling with gifts or shipping gifts, I do not add ribbons or bows.


    1. I’d better make another cup of coffee…

      Yes, I recycle gift bags if they are still fresh looking. I wouldn’t use one that is rumpled/wrinkled, torn, etc.


  2. I am the world’s worst wrapper, but I do it. I recycle the bags, but I refuse to recycle the paper. My sister used to buy special tissue and paper for each gift; my mother wrapped the kids’ presents in the Sunday comic papers. I’ve run the gamut. 8)


  3. I used to do lots of special wrapping. That lasted until we had small kids tearing the wrapping off. For many years, I did like l’empress’ mother – using the comics from the Sunday papers. I saved them all year long. If I do anything at all now, it’s likely to be in a bag – and yes, I do reuse them. We give almost no gifts anymore that would call for wrapping that it’s just not an issue.


  4. I. Used to do lots of fancy wrapping (I loved to make ribbon roses) but I have progressively done less and less. Now that we transport all our gifts I just use paper or bags no ribbons any more


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