Weekend Q&A

This is the Weekend Q&A game and this is how you play:

The person before you has asked asked you a question. You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a question. The next person answers their question,and asks another, etc….. You are encouraged to participate often!

I’ll start:

How many cups of coffee have you had so far today?


  1. I am on my first delicious cup, with at least one more on its way.

    I went to see the Hobbit on Wednesday and So This is 40 last night. (Fantastic and dreadful respectively) and I really want to see Django Unchained. What movie did you last see?


  2. I don’t remember the last time I was in a movie theater. I watched “The Sound of Music” again last week, more for the music than the story, though I gained some perspective about “a problem like Maria.” When we had free something or other a couple of months ago, I watched “The Mirror Has Two Faces.”

    Do still you enjoy movies as much as you did many years ago?


  3. Stay home like we do every year. Staying up until midnight optional. We have not partied on NYE since the mid-80s, mainly because of hubby’s line of work. It wasn’t always like that. He was quite the party boy when we met. I’m more than okay with staying home.

    Is there a new goal or task you would like to accomplish in the coming year?


    1. I have a flower tattoo on my forearm that I used to cover up a scar from a motorcycle accident. The scar made me mad but I love the tattoo, although it hurt so bad that if I could have had him stop after four lines and it wouln’t have looked crazy I would have.

      Have you ever been on/owned a motorcycle?


  4. I’ve never been on (or owned) a motorcycle. John had one before I knew him, and had gotten rid of it. One of our sons-in-law used to ride, and those two grandsons both have motorcycles (one a Harley, the other what John calls “a crotch rocket”).

    Are you or have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian?


  5. Less than two months ago. A day or two after Sandy. (It was light and easy to move, so I did it myself.)

    I had a phone call from the man who used to remove my snow; he had surgery and can’t do it any more. Do you *hire* someone to remove snow and/or fallen leaves?


  6. No. We do almost everything ourselves. We’re fairly country that way.

    We have one more episode of Sons of Anarchy left to watch. Which series should we start next?


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