1. I’m very frustrated because I bought something for my son for Christmas, but I can’t find it and can’t remember what it was…and I should be giving it to him tomorrow, at our late Christmas get together. Which means I have to go out first thing in the morning and find something else for him, because I have things for his sister, his wife and his DOG, but nothing for HIM.


  2. My house, including my refrigerator and freezer, is becoming full of junk again, because people give us stuff we don’t need. If they don’t want it anymore, I wish they would just throw it out, or find someone else to be the garbage can.


    1. Amen to that! I’m fairly certain I picked up the flu from the cashier at the grocery store who was obviously sick and should have been at home. Thank you for contaminating so many people and their groceries (not!) I should have just left the groceries on the conveyor and walked out. Management obviously didn’t care that their cashier was sick.


      1. Unfortunately, cashiers are usually among those who don’t get paid unless they are at work. I remember medicating myself to the gills so I could go in and earn my pay as a temp. (What I tried to do was stifle the coughing and sneezing so I wouldn’t infect people.)


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