1. We were more cautious when I began an online journal. I’m still suspicious of many sites because, even though I don’t save cookies, something gets in and hacks my email.

    It’s always the same email that gets hacked, and I usually realize — after the fact, of course — that the managers of the site were upgrading again. Evidently they remove some of the safeguards while they make changes.

    I worry about my hard drive, because they don’t last forever, but I am more worried about the safety of anything I save online.


  2. I’ve been on line for so long, and never worried at the beginning, that anything that’s out there is out there, so I don’t care all that much either. I also don’t do anything that would get me in trouble — don’t do on-line banking, buy on eBay or visit chat or dating sites, etc.


  3. I am cautious. I have one email for my personal stuff. another email for other stuff. I don’t put much on Facebook. We check our accounts every day. Not too much will get by us.


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