New ideas in blogging at That’s My Answer


There were times over the last few years where I knew that if I had the time I could bring new ideas to That’s My Answer in order to help it grow. In the past I’ve done some things that have worked, others have failed miserably.

Anyhow, I actually have the time now, so now I’m looking for new ideas to make this website better, perhaps more interactive. Or maybe a place where bloggers who have writer’s block can come for a writing prompt. I have some thoughts, but since you are the people who visit daily, I’d love to hear your ideas.

I’m open to whatever you’ve got.

What are you looking for at That’s My Answer?


  1. I look for some morning fun, from the folks I’ve met and like on TMA, plus some insights on things I hadn’t thought of before.


  2. One of my favorite daily reads. I have on occasion used one of your questions for a “jump start.”

    But I’m out of ideas right now. We haven’t had any nearby flooding yet, but the storm is not over. Maybe one of you will jolt me out of this depression.


  3. Like Mary, this is the first place I visit every day and I love it. Like Harriet, I have sometimes used questions for a blog jump start. My frustration is how few people come here. It’s hard to know what makes that special ‘thing’ that makes a site like this popular. What did Michelle have that you apparently don’t? I certainly can’t see it. I have frequently plugged TMA on my blog and yet we don’t seem to have an influx of new people checking it out. What ideas are you thinking about?


  4. I don’t remember how I got started coming over here, but now it feels like you all are friends. Even though I don’t participate every day, I do check the site and read everyone’s responses.

    Your blog is through WordPress. Do you have your site visibility set to ‘allow search engines to index this site’? I started getting more hits and followers once I did that.


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