Self help books, do you read them?

self help books

Self help books, we’ve all read them, right? Last night I was at Barnes & Noble browsing the books. Which brings on the questions:

Do you find them to be at all interesting and/or helpful? If you were to write a self help book, what would your focus be?


  1. The only one I remember reading was probably 40 years or so ago, called “Diets Don’t Work”. And it was true – they don’t. Helpful, yes. But no, I don’t read them. And I could never write one.


  2. I stopped reading that stuff — even in magazines — long ago. You learn a few things over the years, one of which is that you have to handle your own problems.

    If I thought enough people would listen, I would start with logic. (If A–>B and B–>C, how do you propose to achieve C without A?) I spend me time talking back to the television.


  3. I have read some budget ones that were helpful. Business ones for work. I am not all that into them. I’d write one on how to deal with pain.


  4. No. I don’t read self-help books. I used to many years ago, but I figure I’m beyond help at the moment.

    If I were to write a self help book it would be on how to survive grief…but there are so many books like that around, it would be superfluous. (FWIW, “How to Survive the Loss of a Love” is one of the shortest and best books about grief and loss. It was my daily guide through the grief following the loss of the first person close to me to have died and it certainly got me through that terrible part of my life!)


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