Three things I don’t like doing

I don’t like to do a lot of things, but there are three that are at the top of my list.

  1. Putting gas in my car. Not a huge fan of this, it’s annoying. It’s not the act of putting the gas in my car, it’s the taking the time out of my day to do it. Perhaps I’m too rushed.
  2. Grocery shopping. I married a label reader, which I am thankful for since we eat a lot healthier due to it, however it can make grocery shopping take f o r e v e r. And groceries are expensive. I always feel rich, until I take a look at my grocery bill and then I immediately pass out at the register.
  3. Going to parties, bridal/baby showers, picnics, and/or weddings. I’m not a fan of the social gathering. I don’t know why my monthly trip to wine club is exempt from this, it just is. I love going to wine club! All of the other get-togethers though? Dislike. My husband and I have pulled many Irish Goodbyes are these events, or sometimes we arrive and then decide we’d rather go to the movies instead. I’m working really hard at just saying no, especially since #1 and #2 are things that I can’t say no to. ;)

What are three things that you don’t like doing?


  1. I hate housecleaning of any sort.
    I used to really hate going to the grocery store, and always got angry while I was there. Once I realized that nothing was going to change, it simmered down to just a chore that I didn’t like that had to be done.
    I’m not a fan of bridal showers or any kind of theme party. I’d rather just get together with a few friends than go to an event where I’m expected to have a good time.


  2. I absolutely hate to clean when other people’s stuff is making the mess. (My personal hangup: I can’t throw it away if it doesn’t belong to me.)

    I dislike having to “put on a show of niceness” for people who don’t think before they insult.

    I don’t like insulting people, or *having to* insult people.


  3. * I hate shopping too–any kind. I put off going to the grocery store until we are out of everything.
    * Pretty much all housework. I’m lucky that now that he has retired, Walt has taken over doing a lot of it.
    * Gardening. I have a brown thumb and everything I touch dies. I haven’t kept any sort of garden since the kids were small and I tried being Mother Earth (a disastrous experiment!)


  4. 1. Talking on the telephone, particularly cell phones.
    2. Weeding the gardens.
    3. Driving/riding in congested traffic. Too many tailgaters and distracted drivers.


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