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I’ve started using Goodreads to log the books I’m reading, have read and would like to read. I’ve got a widget in my right sidebar if you’d like to add me as a friend, or see what I’m reading.

Do you use Goodreads?



  1. I don’t keep a log of what I’ve read. I can never outdo myself, for I set my record in sixth grade. They weren’t easy little things; I usually chose the most advanced books I could find in a grammar school library, or on my teacher’s own reading shelf. But in one month I actually read 30 books.

    I use Goodreads to see what’s new and, occasionally, to vote on a book. It keeps me current.


  2. I’ve used Goodreads for a long time…started a second account just to track books I’ve read. I just added you to my friend list, but I couldn’t add from your widget; I added from your email address.


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