Talkin’ Bout?

EuripidesPhoto credit: quinn.anya

What are you blogging about today?

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  1. May not do one today (sporadic, y’know). I have bookmobile today as well as an eye appointment. I have to think about doing *something* for Passover. I may think about it today and write tomorrow. Or not.


  2. Not a thing. Haven’t posted since last Tuesday. Not in the mood to edit photos right now and I pretty much just blog about our weekend day trips. Have been working on rebuilding/restoring my laptop since the hard drive had to be replaced (it just died, no virus). I’m using my netbook in its place and it’s slow, so editing photos there is a chore.


  3. I just posted about taking my mother to view the first Independent Living place. Since I won’t be home tonight, I posted a meme for tomorrow. On Friday Saturday I’ll be reporting about taking my mother to get a Holter Monitor.


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