1. Spring is late because we’ve really passed the point of no return in many respects when it comes to air pollution. A lot of people are slobs, and the rest of us have to live with it.


  2. Mother Nature is going to whatever she wants to do – just like always. Lots of places have had snow on Easter and Passover before (but at least not where I was living). We’ll be complaining about summer’s heat before much longer.


    1. There was some snow on the Easter that coincided with my Middle Daughter’s birth, but Passover was late that year. I do not remember a Passover with snow, even up here in New England.


  3. Well, Spring was on her way, however… she stumbled over an especially fat and drunk groundhog and broke her ankle. The paramedics took her and the groundhog to the hospital, where the groundhog was deemed to be in need of rehabilitation and is currently on a treadmill without an off button. (This just makes me giggle to think of it.) Spring, however, is hobbling around on crutches. She’s planning a stop at the rehab center, where she’ll whack that old groundhog on the behind with one of her crutches, and then she’ll be here, straightaway.


  4. Spring decided to take an extended vacation in the southern hemisphere. It’s enjoying the local beauty while the U.S. attempts to recover its ground water resources from last year’s drought.


  5. I don’t understand why some enterprising engineers can’t figure out a way to take the flood water from the rivers and transfer it to the drought area. I was watching something on television about Archimedes’ screw…


  6. Spring is in Turkey. Where I’ll be soon. (swoon)

    Not very imaginative, but this is Wisconsin. This is how it is. My birthday is in May, and it’s snowed, so I’m not all that shocked.


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