Planning ahead

How far ahead do you plan and write whatever you will post on your blog?

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  1. It just depends on how many photos I want to include. Yesterday, I did a quick post with just one photo on my Drive-By Photos blog. I also started working on a post for my main blog that I’d like to post tomorrow, but there are several photos I want to include and I’m not finished editing them. My blog posts aren’t as wordy as they once were.


  2. I don’t plan it, except for the occasional book report. (That’s why I call it a *sporadic* online journal.) I create in my head whenever I find myself with nothing to do…but some of my best stuff is too personal (or intrusive to others) ever to appear in public. 8)


  3. Like Jennifer and Bev, no pre-planning. I usually just see what happens that day to spur something. And just post photographs if I go blank.


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