1. It’s too soon, she’ll be starting 7th grade. Considering that my family works in the trades, we will look at tech schools as well as colleges, it’s all dependent on what she wants to do and if she can actually make a living doing it.


      1. Calling someone else is always my Plan B. I can fix a lot of little things. Probably comes from being my father’s daughter. (After he died, my mother always called my sister.)


        1. I have a friend who has run it several times. He says you need to do it on the year when you run uphill, not down. The year with the downhill running always gets the most injuries. Crazy!


          1. This was the first year I had heard of it. My cousin’s 29-year-old son ran in it and successfully completed it. I’ll have to ask my cousin which direction he ran.

            I just can’t imagine running that distance…


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