Author signing

I’m going to my first book signing tonight to see Jen Lancaster. Have you ever been to a book signing?


  1. Although I’m not against asking an author to sign a book for me, I’ve never been to a formal book signing and I probably won’t ever choose to go.

    My daughter went to a lecture/book signing by an author whom she knows fairly well. She brought her own book, which she had already bought — at list price. She was told at the door she couldn’t attend “unless she bought her book there.”

    When it stops being about the book and starts being about making the venue pay off, it isn’t fun any more.


  2. I’ve been to hear authors speak, and enjoyed them very much. I haven’t been to a “book signing” specifically, or felt the need to stand in line to have a book signed by the author. (I rarely feel the need to stand in line for anything.)


  3. Just one. It’s not my thing, but a friend was gaga over Michael Connelly, who was going to be at a nearby book store, so I went with her and got my book signed.

    I prefer to have the authors come to ME to sign their books (I have almost everything David Gerrold [The Trouble with Tribbles] has written and he signed them all for me while I was cooking his dinner.)


  4. Quite a few readings, which were also signings. I’ve always enjoyed them. I saw Jen Lancaster a couple of years ago. She was much funnier in her books. I’ll be curious to see what you think about this time. Of those I saw, Rick Steves was really great. My son and I went to see Mo Willems, which was a ton of fun. I’ve also done a few chef events where you pay to get the food, talk, and buy the signed book. I love that stuff.


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