Weekend Q&A

This is the Weekend Q&A game and this is how you play:

The person before you has asked asked you a question. You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a question. The next person answers their question, and asks another, etc….. You are encouraged to participate often!

I’ll start:

Would you rather be a detective or a radio dj?


  1. I would rather be a detective. I don’t have a made for radio voice.

    The weather here in Wisconsin has been rather hot the last few days. Where do you live and how is the weather?


  2. I’d love doing radio, if I didn’t have to go out and sell air time to advertisers in order to make ends meet.

    Question: did you know that was part of a dj’s job fifty years ago. (Don’t know if it still is.) Do you know of similar jobs where some “hidden” skills are a requirement?


  3. I didn’t know that about DJs. Any secretary knows that writing letters, etc., is only part of the job.

    We’re in Chattanooga, TN, and it’s been in the 90s and humid the last week. Pretty normal for July.

    I just came from a farmers’ market with home-made sweet rolls, 3 kinds of tomatoes, and a cucumber. Do you go to local farmers’ markets for veggies and stuff in season?


    1. I’d like to hear about others’ experiences with farmers’ markets. I have gone to some around here, which are not easy to get to — there’s one on the village green, where there is no parking. They are always far more expensive than what I can get at the supermarket and not at all accommodating if you don’t want a full basket.


  4. It is a Saturday morning ritual in summer. My son gets a churro from the local bakery, I buy honey and talk to the old Polish woman beekeeper, and we get veggies for dinner for a few nights. Last week I got a giant bag of shucked peas and ate me like candy for 3 days. Yum! Plus, it is just a local social gathering for the area.

    I try almost every alternative therapy option out there (in addition to Western medicine). My latest is a woman who practices NET healing. Have you ever gone the alternative route?


  5. I’ve never done alternative therapies on a grand scale, but I am inclined to try “home” remedies for various conditions. For example, not wanting to use extreme measures on my diabetic feet, I treat calluses with Vicks Vaporub, and, sonofagun, it works.

    Have you ever consulted a medium? Would you, if one were available?


  6. don’ have a “usual” since we eat in so many ethnic restaurants. Chili rellenos for Mexican, Pad Thai for Thai, sushi in Japanese (spicy tuna), etc. Often it’s dictated by price.

    Have you ever smoked? (I’M 70 and smoked one-half of one cigarette in my life.)


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