Skipping articles in magazines

A lot of times I skip an article in a magazine. It might be too long, too short, or I just don’t have time to read it. If I skip it, I rarely go back.

Do you skip articles? Or do you read it all?


  1. I seldom even look at magazines now; they are not printed so as to make them easy to see. But about thirty years ago, I discovered that the majority of articles — especially in ladies’ magazines — were just rehashes of what I had read before.

    I read the daily newspaper (and skip some articles) and I read books. Just a quick glance at the Parade or the AARP magazine.


  2. We still subscribe to the National Geographic and Smithsonian. I go through both from cover to cover – at least reading most of the picture captions. I read articles if they interest me, but rarely read the whole magazine. That’s true of any magazine I happen to pick up.


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