1. No rule of thumb, except for manicure day. I do not wash dishes for at least twelve hours after I have my nails done, so we usually do something frozen that day.

    I like several Lean Cuisine meals, better than similar brands. Our favorite for the manicure day, however, is Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna. It’s filling, tasty, and doesn’t offend anyone who doesn’t eat meat.


  2. I don’t make Lean Cuisine-type frozen dinners, but do do some of the bagged pasta dinners for two. I usually cook one on nights when I am reviewing a show and don’t feel like cooking dinner first. (And it’s just for convenience, though the pastas aren’t all that bad)


  3. I don’t ever use that kind of frozen dinner. I do use some of the Zatarain box mixes and sometimes some of the frozen ravioli or other pasta with a bottled (and doctored) red or Alfredo sauce. I make my own lasagna, meat loaf, chili, and split pea soup in large quantities and freeze them in meal-sized portions. I don’t particularly like any of the frozen vegetables (except peas), so I don’t like them in the dinners, either.


  4. No commercial frozen meals for us. In fact, there are no previously prepared meals in our freezer right now; only fresh meat that has been frozen and a couple bags of frozen green beans and some frozen fruit. If we need a convenience meal, I’ll cook bacon and eggs, fried egg sandwiches, etc. (Hubby loves breakfast for supper.)


  5. No more frozen dinners for us. We eat a lot of fresh veggies, fruits and whole grain. We select low fat, low sugar,low sodium stuff. My wife has lost 18 pounds in about Two months. She walks about 3 miles per day.

    The last time I saw her she was 20 miles east of Atlanta.


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