1. December 5…oh, goody, that’s today. What am I doing today? So far, I have:
    1. Fussed with the unhappy computer.
    2. Put some eggs on to boil and fallen asleep. (The egg salad looks awful, but it tastes okay.)
    When my daughter comes home from work…
    3. We will get manicures, and then we will eat out because I refuse to do dishes with a new manicure. It requires a good 12 hours to dry completely.


  2. Didn’t see this until Friday, but here’s a portion of my Thursday –
    1. Flew to Arizona
    2. Installed a new modem and got the internet and satellite TV service restarted at our house for the rental season.
    3. Had a really good night’s sleep after a very long day.
    And for good measure, #4 – totally missed the snow storm that went through Indiana Thursday night and today.


  3. I didn;t see this until Sunday but on Thursday I

    1. had lunch withmy mother
    2. Worked at the bookstore
    3. Went to the city’s Christmas tree lighting


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