1. Generally, for my own purposes, I still like Movable Type, which allows experimentation and has an internal search engine. (On occasion, I have written a full post, only to realize that I wrote it before!)

    BlogSpot may be good for posting, but it’s a PiA to comment on. I have never done anything in WordPress except to comment…but how come the comment I wrote for the previous question didn’t come up? It did, however, save my login.


  2. Glad to see you back over here!

    I am definitely a fan of WordPress, particularly for the ease in uploading photos to my blog. On the other hand, I liked Blogger when I used to be over there because I could add widgets, change background wallpaper, etc., that I am not able to do on my free version of the WP blog. I am not ready to upgrade to a paid version, however.


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