1. I’m not sure what you mean, but I prefer novels told in the third person. And I really dislike novels told in the present tense.


  2. I don’t have a preference. Sometimes first person presen tense add a bit of interest because you don’t know the whole story and there isn’t foreshadowing. But other times, I like the reflective nature of past tense. So it just depends. As long as there is good character development, I’m pretty wide open.


  3. Like Jennifer, I like more than one style. Some of my favorite stories are told in the first person — and some in the third person are told so well it feels like first person. At the moment I am reading some nonfiction so badly written that I feel as if there’s a bunch of people between me and the subject.


  4. Question: Do you “have” to finish a book once you start it? Or are you able to say “I really don’t like anything about this book” and leave it? (I never finish a book that I’m not enjoying – for whatever reason.)


  5. Depends on the book. I’ll stick with it if I see something worthwhile. If I dislike the characters, or if the writing is really bad, I allow myself the freedom to say so.

    One of the things I like about the library is that I am not risking money when I choose a book I might not like.


  6. I worked in libraries from the time I was in fifth grade. I worked for a salary in libraries starting in high school, and I often met librarians who would only take out new books because “they didn’t have germs.” I never caught anything from a book, though I am sure I caught colds from borrowers.

    On the other hand, I am sure I am afraid to touch things that don’t bother you!


  7. I have stopped reading books…the :”left Behind” series is an example. It had been highly recommended to me but was such a blatant work of propaganda I ended up throwing the book across the room and never finished it. I decided there are too many GOOD books out there to waste time on garbage.


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