In concert

Tonight I’m going to see P!nk in concert. I’ve been to many concerts, but three of my favorites were:

  1. INXS
  2. REM
  3. Pearl Jam

What three concerts have you been to would you rank at the top of your list?

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  1. The first ones that come to mind are Frank Sinatra and Jerry Vale. I even have good memories of seeing Sergio Franchi.

    But one more sticks in my mind. One of the first concerts I ever attended — I was about ten — was the North Stamford Junior Symphony. I was mightily impress, and eventually I played with them.


  2. I love live performances, but wouldn’t call them “concerts” in the current usage. We did love the Jimmy Buffett concert years ago, and we’ve seen Itzhak Perlman in a solo concert. Both fabulous. Our favorite concerts now are the chamber concerts we go to at the Hunter Museum.


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