Weekend Q&A

This is the Weekend Q&A game and this is how you play:

The person before you has asked asked you a question. You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a question. The next person answers their question, and asks another, etc….. You are encouraged to participate often!

I’ll start:

What’s on you agenda for today?


  1. I am baking dog cookies and parrot cookie and will probably make homemade suet later.

    McCaskill Farm is one of the best kept secrets for a delicious lunch in our area…it is all farm to table fresh and wonderful……..http://www.oldmccaskillfarm.com

    What is the best kept local secret where you live?


  2. Our city itself. Chattanooga is great, but shhhhhh, we don’t want it to get too popular.

    Do you really, REALLY like cold weather and snow?


  3. I am staying IN. We’re still in single digit temperatures, and the farthest I have traveled today was to the basement (plenty cold, but I noticed the soda hasn’t frozen) and to the front steps — in the sun — to grab the paper.

    Cruel and unusual… I am taking this personally! I really hate cold and snow.

    How cold does it have to be, before you call it cold?


  4. When we lived in Arizona, I was cold once the temp dropped below 80. Living in Indiana now, once it reaches the zero mark or goes below, then it’s cold. Sometimes there are just not enough clothes that can keep me warm. Truth be told, I would rather deal with 115+ in Arizona.

    I am tired of hearing the words, “polar vortex.” What phrase annoys you?


  5. Leverage. As in, “Let’s leverage her expertise.” GACK!

    I’m looking forward to watching a good movie tonight while my husband and son are at a Cub Scouts thing. What should I watch?


  6. Uhhhhh that would be NEVER!

    And while were are on the subject of homes….You’ve heard me mention the fact that the genius who designed and built this house installed the heat pump directly under the bedroom window. It runs constantly and it keeps me up all night. (I slept on the couch last night). I feel like I am sleeping at the end of a runway. I HATE it.

    What design feature do you love about your house?
    Which feature do you hate?


  7. I swear, there’s a book forming about what I call the Cheesebox. (We bought it for a song — comparatively speaking — more than forty years ago.)

    I love that it’s built high, and I really love the new deck. I hate that the character of the land has deteriorated and that it now allows “tidal surges” that make my basement useless.

    Question: what can you tell me about climate change? I know it exists!


  8. Denver…if the Colts had to lose, Peyton Manning is our next promise. As Bob Kravitz (columnist for the Indianapolis Star) said this week, “It’s a little like ‘watching an ex-wife remarrying a suave, good-looking millionaire.'” :-)

    Another night where sleep is going to be next to impossible for me. Winds are 32 mph sustained and gusting 40-50 mph. Does the wind (or other noises) impair your ability for a good night’s sleep?


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