1. I didn’t. They have become laundry lists, and I’m always disappointed.

    My top concerns are income inequality, quality public schools, and accessible university education


  2. I listened as long as I could; I like to listen to the man talk. He’s smart, and it’s such a welcome change. Nevertheless, I could not stay awake. (I was exhausted after visiting my husband in the hospital.)

    Jobs first — a population that can’t support itself loses self-respect and the ability to move forward. I don’t know what to do about education, because we stopped teaching parents as well as educators a couple of generations ago.

    I think healthcare is progressing, far from perfect, but better than it was twenty years ago. And I love the fact that the president is willing to use executive powers to override the Congress, whose main task for the past five years seems to have been to block any good he has tried to do.


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