1. None of it this time. Most of the new events don’t make any sense to me. I used to watch figure skating, but I am not compelled to search for it. (I really don’t understand ice dancing and how it differs from pairs figure skating.)


  2. Being the cynic that I am, I have Nooooo interest in watching ANY of the Olympics BUT that being said…
    I did find it amusing when I turned on the TV at 3 a.m the other morning and got to see some of the Curling.
    That always leaves me puzzled.
    The brooms and the chatter crack me up.
    And they take themselves seriously!
    I guess it’s like Bocce Ball on ice…..


  3. We love curling, and watch most of that. John likes the hockey. I’m enjoying the live skating (in the mornings) because I really am learning from the commentary of Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. Basically, it’s on most of the time around here. John’s basically a purist (engineer) – he only likes things that can be timed or measured – doesn’t like things that are judged for content or artistry.


  4. At this stage of the Olympics (toward the end) I am growing weary. I don’t understand any of the downhill skiing…they all look the same to me. The snowboarders and the skeletons are insane. And yes, I like the curling too, though it seems too dangerously close to “housekeeping” with all that sweeping.


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