About About You: Trust

What do you do yourself because you don’t trust anyone else to do it right?

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5 Responses to About About You: Trust

  1. maryz says:

    Load the dishwasher. 8^)


  2. Sunny says:

    Even though it drives me crazy I HAVE to trust other people to do things around here.
    If I didn’t, I would never get out of here,
    What I always tell my husband…”If everyone is alive at the end of the day, you have done your job..”


  3. Jennifer says:

    I can’t think of a thing someone else couldn’t do as well as I can.


  4. Bev says:

    I can’t either. I’m more than happy to have anybody do anything for me…except write my daily journal entry.


  5. l'empress says:

    My daily task these days is to bite my tongue and let someone else do it. But I still do my own bookkeeping, pay my bills online, etc. And as I do it, I think about how to set it up for someone else when I can’t do it any more.


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